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Advice from Katrina

I'm not sure what my next car should be? Any advice?

There are a lot of factors that can be used to determine what type of car is appropriate.

Some basic factors to consider are:

Additional aspects to consider when identifying a car is:

As much as our sensible side tells us to go with a practical choice, remember this is your vehicle! Make sure you are buying the vehicle for the right reasons which should be yours. Frequently vehicles are purchased based upon recommendations or because someone else liked it.

Is there anything you wished you would have done when test driving a car?

Yes! There are several that I recommend based upon nuances you'll have to remember as long as you own the vehicle.

My list of things to do while test driving include:

Should I have a vehicle inspected by a mechanic prior to purchase?

Anytime you are considering purchasing a used vehicle, whether the purchase is private or through a dealer I highly recommend getting the vehicle inspected by both a mechanic and an autobody shop prior to purchase. A lot of information can be gleaned from the CarFax report, but those reports do not contain every specific detail, particularly for older cars. The cost of these inspections can vary and may not catch every problem, but should give you peace of mind that you will not have any big ticket expenses for sometime. I have not always had a vehicle inspected, in those circumstances I had someone else with me who was equally as knowledgable about cars and/or the vehicle had to travel a comfortable amount of distance prior to my review which was indicative of the vehicle's soundness.

What about an autobody inspection?

Autobody inspections are highly valuable if you are looking at classic/specialty cars. Living in the midwest, most classic cars have had significant exposure to salt and sand. Unfortunately the metal used to build these cars were not treated for rust prior to assembly. I have seen otherwise "clean" cars that had significant structural rust making restoration too cost prohibitive (I've experienced this, very sad). Having research fiberglass bodied cars (e.g., Corvette) I discovered that those bodies can incur a lot of invisible abuse, from the simplest things like mechanics hoists or animal strikes. Do not be afraid to get expert opinions before making your purchasing decision.

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